Y Wladfa Today

Today the Welsh-Argentinian population is centred on the Chubut Valley (where the main towns are Trelew, Gaiman and Dolavon) and the Andean Region (including the towns of Trevelin and Esquel). The population of Trelew, the largest town in the Chubut Valley, is more than 120,000, and that of the province of Chubut around 500,000. Only a small proportion of the population is of purely Welsh origin, but a good proportion of the population have some Welsh blood in their veins and there remains a strong sense of having Welsh roots.

Three Welsh-Spanish bilingual school is established in Trelew, Gaiman and Trevelin.

The Eisteddfod y Wladfa, which is held every October, and the youth Eisteddfod held in September, are stronger than ever. Also many smaller eisteddfodau are held in the Chubut Valley, Porth Madryn and the Andes.