Silver Quiz

Can you remember what this sentence means in English- Tengo ganas de bailar el tango?
Show answer I feel like dancing the tango.
What is the Spanish word for a river?
What are ‘chubascos in English?
Can you say this sentence in Spanish? I like Patagonia a lot.
Show answer Me gusta Patagonia mucho!
Can you tell someone you are tired in Spanish?
Show answer Tengo sueño
How do you ask someone if they are hungry in Spanish?
Show answer Tienes hambre?
How do you say you are thirsty in Welsh?
Show answer Mae syched arnaf i
How do you say you have a cough in Spanish?
Show answer Tengo tos
What is the word for ‘wind’ in Welsh?
If someone tells you 'No me gusta nada la lluvia’ what are they saying?
Show answer I don't like the rain at all!