La Playa

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La Playa

The Beach 

When the sky is blue 

And there’s not a cloud in the sky 

The time has come to go to the beach 

Il posto migliore del mondo! 

I like to play ball ...dive in the water ...dig in the sand 

And then, it’s time for some pizza.


Munch, munch, munch, munch, 

I like to eat pizza pong ...go in a boat ....swim in the sea 

And then, eat an ice cream


Yum, yum, yum, yum 

I like to eat ice cream boche ...throw and frisbee a kite 

And then, lie in the sun 


Mm, mm, mm, mm, 

And then, sunbathe (x2) 

The sky is blue 

and there are no clouds in the sky 

We're going to the beach, the beach 

The best place in the world! 

In the world! 

El cielo esta (a)zul 

y no hay nubes en el cielo 

Nos vamos a la playa, la playa 

¡El mejor lugar del mundo! 

Me gusta jugar al futbol (j-ch) 

Me gusta bucear en el agua (soft c) 

Me gusta cavar en la arena 

Y luego comer una pizza 


Ñam, ñam, ñam, ñam 

Me gusta come una pizza , Me gusta jugar al ping-pong , Me gusta remar en un bote ,Me gusta nadar en el mar 

Y luego, comer un helado 


Ñam ñam ñam ñam 

Me gusta comer un helado ,Me gusta jugar a las bochas ,Me gusta tirar el frisbi ,Me gusta remontar la cometa 

Y luego, tomar el sol 


Mm, mm, mm, mm, 

Y luego, tomar el sol (x2) 

El cielo esta (a)zul 

y no hay nubes en el cielo 

Nos vamos a la playa, la playa 

¡El mejor lugar del mundo! 

¡Del mundo!

Objective: This song encourages learners to extend their vocabulary.

There’s an opening verse which sets the scene and then a number of verses which are full of simple vocabulary with accompanying images. The song ends with a more reflective and dreamy version of the opening verse.

What you need to do:

Familiarise your group with the song by playing the video of the complete performance. Wherever possible, use simple gestures and actions to help learn the words.

Once you know the song well, try singing ‘fragments’ of the song without any backing. Don’t aim for a musical performance, do it in a very natural, conversational way.