Pizza Para Mi

Enlarge the video to follow the music

Pizza Para Mi
Pizza For Me

I want to make a pizza for you (x3) 

For you (x5) 

Do you want to make a pizza for me?  For me, 

What do we want on our pizzas? 

Think! (x4) 

Would you like cheese? 


...tomatoes? ...peppers? ...asparagus? ...onions? ...mushrooms? ...salami? ...ham? 

...some olives? ...sweetcorn? ...spicy chicken? ...a little pineapple? 

It’s time to eat our pizzas (x3) 

Enjoy your pizza! (x4) 

Quiero hacer una pizza para ti (x3) 

Para ti (x5) 

¿Quieres hacer una pizza para mi? Para mi, 

¿Qué quieres poner en tu pizza? 

Piensa! (x4) 

¿Quieres queso?  (si si si / no no no etc) 

¿Quieres tomates? ¿Quieres pimientos? ¿Quieres espárragos? ¿Quieres cebollas? 

¿Quieres setas? ¿Quieres salami? ¿Quieres jamon? ¿Quieres olivas? 

¿Quieres maíz dulce?  ¿Quieres pollo picante? ¿Quieres un poco de piña? 


Es hora de comer nuestra pizza (x3) 

¡Disfruta tu pizza! (x4) 

Objective: This song encourages learners to extend their vocabulary.

There’s a main tune where the learners offer to make a pizza for their friends and then vice versa. The middle section is the fun bit with the ‘choosing of the toppings’

On the video with the singing, our singers have chosen whether to say yes or no, but of course, everyone can have a different opinion!

What you need to do:

Familiarise your group with the song by playing the video of the complete performance. Wherever possible, use simple gestures and actions to help learn the words.

Once you know the song well, try singing ‘fragments’ of the song without any backing. Don’t aim for a musical performance, do it in a very natural, conversational way.

Extension: Ask the learners to add weird and wonderful toppings to their pizza! Use the vocab section to find new words.