Stop Go Clap Jump

OBJECTIVE: Respond physically to multi-lingual commands and instructions. Use a range of listening strategies to infer and deduce meaning & notice, compare and contrast the similarities and differences in languages being learned.

Pupils walk around the space and follow the four simple commands

Stop, detengansay, stopiwch

Go, ya, ewch

Clap, aplaudir, clapiwch

Jump, saltar, neidio

Next ask pupils to do the opposite of the command so when the teacher says stop they must go. When teacher says go they must stop.


Increase commands using the vocab section:

Sit down, Eisteddwch, Siéntense,

Lie Down, Gorweddwch, Acuéstense

Run, Rhedwch, Corran,

Walk, Cerddwch, Caminen